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Waw / 阳台之家
2022 · 北京



A residential renovation project designed for a couple and three children in the heart of the city. The owner wanted three separate bedrooms and a large, bright common space shared by a family of five. The feature of this home is that the Windows are concentrated on the south side, making it difficult to get direct light for all rooms. Therefore, it tries to solve this problem by expanding the balcony function that is unique to Chinese apartments. The balcony generally refers to the space of 1 meter wide formed between the room and the window in China, even if it occupies the position of the best sunshine, but because of the reason of privacy, even in the daytime, the curtain is drawn. In addition, due to its small size, in many cases, it can only serve as a secondary function such as a clothes-drying room or a storage room. Therefore, we placed the public functions of the kitchen, dining room, and living room on the south side facing the window, and regarded it as one large balcony. We achieved both a public space and a private space with sufficient brightness. The glass and curtains separate the bedroom from the public space, achieving a bright and spacious public space while ensuring the coexistence of a separate private space that is bright enough. The problem of sunlight limitation and layout in this project is also a common problem in apartment renovation in China. The aim of this project is to provide a universal layout for urban residential buildings in China.

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